Booking the Village Hall


The basic rate for the Hire of the Hall is £15.00 per hour, with a reduced rate (50%) for the residents of Harringworth and Shotley and special rates for regular bookings. The Booking Secretary will consider a discounted one-off rate when applicable. 

The booking fee includes use of any equipment (tables, chairs, crockery etc.) with an additional fee for the use of the Kitchen for food preparation (£25 – £50). Please ask for a quotation for an event lasting longer than four hours by contacting the Booking Secretary.

Non-residents are asked to pay a £100 refundable deposit for an event booking (not applicable for regular class bookings). A cleaning service is available for an additional £35 fee.

The Hall has a drop down screen and a projector can be hired for an additional charge of £20 (£10 for residents). There is also staging available, please ask for details when booking.

Length of
1 hour£7.50£15.00£15.00
2 hours£15.00£30.00£30.00
3 hours£22.50£45.00£45.00
4 hours£30.00£60.00£60.00
Full day guide price (9+)£75.00£150.00£150.00


For general enquires about booking the Village Hall contact Philippa Gasson (Bookings Secretary) using  the enquiry form below or by phone 01572 747700 or email:


If you are ready to go ahead and make a booking, please complete and submit the form below (alternatively, you may prefer to complete the form manually and submit it by hand or post; in this case, you can download a PDF of the form – please see the section immediately below the online form)

If you are booking the village hall, please make sure that you read and accept our Terms & Conditions of Hiring and our policies on health & safety, safeguarding and equal opportunities. These are all available to download and read by choosing the options below. If you have any queries, please contact the Bookings Secretary by email. Once we have received your application, the Bookings Secretary will be in touch to confirm your booking, the hire charges and to arrange for a deposit payment. 


Village Hall Booking Form
Will this be a regular booking?
Would you like to use any of the following services (please tick all that apply)?
Name of the person responsible for this booking
Name of the person responsible for this booking
I have read and agree to the booking charges, Terms & Conditions of Hire of Harringworth Village Hall and the Specific Conditions of Hire listed below.

Specific Conditions of Hire

I hereby agree to the following conditions:

  1. To use the Hall only during the dates and times specified above. These times include set-up and break down times. By prior agreement with the Booking Secretary an extension to clear up time may be given for a large function.
  2. To ensure that the Hall, its contents and condition are restored to the state in which they were found. This includes sweeping the main hall floor and ensuring that all rubbish and other items are cleared from both within the Hall and from the immediate outside area at the end of the function, or at the latest within 24 hours of the end of the function (if agreed in advance, with the Booking Secretary). If the kitchen is used, surfaces should be wiped down, oven cleaned and the kitchen floor washed. Any tablecloths and tea towels used should be washed and returned within three days.
  3. To safeguard the property of the Hall, report to the Booking Secretary any breakages/damage that may occur and to pay for any repairs and replacement of broken equipment.
  4. To pay the Booking Secretary or the Treasurer to the Trustees the appropriate fee for the use of the Hall.
  5. To advise any village residents, residing in the immediate vicinity of the Hall, of any inconvenience that they may expect due to the function, e.g. loud music.
  6. To apply for any necessary Licence (TEN’s) for the sales of alcohol during the function and to advise the Booking Secretary if a Licence has been given for the function.
  7. If preparing food, please ensure compliance with food hygiene regulations. The Trustees take the view that it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure compliance; items have been provided with colour codes appropriately for your use.
  8. The hirer must ensure children are accompanied by a responsible adult. Ahead of signing the Booking Form any Organisations with an event where children attend should have a Safeguarding Policy in place.
  9. To ensure the reasonable behaviour of all persons attending the Hall and depart quietly giving consideration to others.
  10. To advise all users of the location of Fire Exits and Equipment and keep each exit free from obstruction.
  11. At the end of the booking ensure the water heater; lights and heating are all turned off and doors locked.

Please note:

  • The License granted by East Northants Council limits the Hall to a maximum of 100 people at any time, (for a seated event there are chairs and crockery for a maximum of 80 people).
  • The Village Hall may be used from 9.00am to 11.00pm daily (out by midnight). This may be extended subject to application and approval, or where the Justices have extended a liquor license.
  • A cleaning service is available for a basic charge of £35 and must be confirmed at the time of booking.
  • An invoice will be issued on the booked date together with the Hall key; arrangements should be made to collect the key from address below, unless otherwise agreed.

If you prefer to complete a manual booking form, please download a copy using the button below. Please complete the form and return it to: The Bookings Secretary, Bridge Wing House, Gretton Road, NN17 3AD.


There are two marquees (9m x 4m)* and pop-up gazebos available for hire along with the equipment listed below:

Sound equipment (amplifier, two speakers with stands and microphone)£30.00
Marquee (9m x 4m) * x 2£85 – £100
Gazebo x 3£10.00

The following items are available for hire away from the village hall (price on application):

Large trestle tables (6ft)13
Small square tables (4ft)12
Round tables** (5ft)5
Folding chairs76
Crockery & cutlery80 place settings
Glassware (wine/beer/water/champagne)80 place settings
Water boilers2
Tableclothes (various sizes)18
Large saucepans2

To book any of these items, please complete and send the following enquiry form:

By clicking SEND you agree that a correspondent of Harringworth may contact you to discuss your enquiry. Your personal data will be held in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

* Please note: marquees are hired at your own risk and liability insurance is recommended

**Please note: the large round tables are available for hire outside the Village Hall, however, it is the responsibility of the hirer to arrange transport (a trailer will be required).

If you are booking the Village Hall, please make sure that you read and accept our Terms & Conditions of Hiring and our policies on health & safety, safeguarding and equality. These are all available to download and read by choosing the options below. If you have any queries, please contact the Bookings Secretary by email.


This policy is being reviewed, update to follow in December.