HARRINGWORTH & SHOTLEY News and what's on


There is plenty to look forward to in Harringworth & Shotley, including the pop-up pub and quiz night and a series of talks presented by the Fieldwork Group.


After a very busy few months we are starting the year a little more gently.

THE HARPOLE TREASURE – talk on Friday 19 JANUARY at 7.30pm in Harringworth Village Hall

DEATH IN THE GARDEN – talk on Friday 16 FEBRUARY at 7.30 pm in Harringworth Village Hall

BRIDGE DAY (director Roy Kedge) on Thursday 7 MARCH in Harringworth Village Hall

QUIZ TIME & POP UP BAR on Friday 22 MARCH at 7.00pm in Harringworth Village Hall

WELLNESS RETREAT on Saturday 13 APRIL 11.00am – 3.00pm in Harringworth Village Hall


  • Rae Bird Yoga – Thursday from 10.00am – 11.00am
  • Table Tennis – Tuesday from 2.30pm – 4.30pm
  • Table Tennis – Thursday from 5.00pm – 7.00pm


The Harringworth Fieldwork Group are presenting two fascinating talks in the Village Hall.


By Paul Thompson

Harringworth Village Hall
Friday 19th January 2024 at 7.30pm                 

In April 2022 an internationally important lady from the 7th century was discovered buried at Harpole in Northants. Like all great and amazing archaeological discoveries, this was completely unexpected and was within the last few days of the excavation. Paul Thompson, Project Manager for the excavation, will reveal everything about the site, its excavation and what this tells us about important women in the early medieval era.

Tickets £7.00

To book please contact Roy Kedge on 07421 369406

Email: roykedge1949@gmail.com


By Michael Brown
Harringworth Village Hall
Friday 16th February 2024 at 7.30pm

Man has been fascinated by poisonous plants since earliest times;
whether as hunter gatherers to avoid them, or in later times to
identify them in cultivated plots, to use them for recreation, to treat
illness or to cause harm. Michael Brown, ex Head Gardener,
College lecturer, Garden Historian and author, will introduce us to
this subject which holds a strange fascination for many. He will
explore these treacherous and peculiar plants, their defensive and
deadly traits, as well as the folklore that has grown around them.

Tickets £7.00

To book please contact Roy Kedge on 07421 369406

Email: roykedge1949@gmail.coma.

Local Scenes of Harringworth

Sets of eight cards with envelopes for sale.

There are four sets available to buy and each contain four images with two of each image in a pack.  These make lovely stocking fillers for Christmas and are ideal for writing thank you notes.

1 set – £8.00
2 sets – £15.00
3 sets – £21.00
4 sets – £25.00

To place an order please email  harringworthvillage@gmail.com stating how many of each numbered pack you would like.  Payment can be made online and they will be delivered to your door, if local.

All profit to the Harringworth Appeals Fund. 

Thank you for your support.

Join quizmasters Gavin and Jonny for our next fun Quiz Night and Pop-up Pub in the Village Hall. 

Friday 22 March, 7:00pm (with the quiz underway at 8.00pm). 

There will be bar and complimentary snacks. Tickets are just £5.00 per person. Book in advance by emailing harringworthvillage@gmail.com 


The January newsletter with news and services for the Benefice is available. Please click this link.

Wellness Retreat day

Julia Northover ran two very successful Wellness Retreat Days in our village Hall last year and has extended an invitation to Harringworth villagers to attend the next session, with nine spaces available for the 13 April 2024. 

Please click on the link to find out more or to book your space.

If you have some news to share, please email it through to harringworthv@gmail.com