The Harringworth Appeals Fund

What is the Appeals Fund?

For those new to the village a little clarification. The objectives of the Appeals Fund Committee are two-fold: to co-ordinate the raising of money, for allocation by the village at an AGM (or EGM), through activities and events; and to enhance community spirit. The committee must ensure that the funds raised are for the benefit of the Village, with the expectation that the upkeep of the Village Hall and the Church will receive the appropriate priority. The committee must also ensure the distributed moneys are accounted for in an accurate and self-explanatory manner.

How have the Funds been raised this year?

The Appeals Fund has been active for nearly 40 years and each year a presentation is given at the Appeals Fund AGM to show the various ways in which funds have been raised. In recent years these have included Bridge Lunches, Summer Fete, Flower Festival, Christmas Bazaar and a Talk with Cheese and Wine, all organised by the hard working Appeals Committee, alongside many others who come forward to help. Funds are also supplemented by donations from other activities, such as the Safari Supper and paid advertising in this Directory.

An Invitation to Appeal?

The constitution of the Appeals Fund does not allow the Appeals Fund Committee to decide on its own how to spend the funds it raises and this is why the AGM in the Spring is so important; Harringworth together must decide the way the money is used. Each year it is anticipated that the Church and the Village Hall will submit a proposal for funds but there is also an opportunity for others to make an Appeal that will benefit the village.

Any questions?

Do you have a question? Email the Appeals Fund at with any questions or for more information on how to make an Appeal. Also, we are hoping to appoint several new members on the Appeals Fund Committee at the AGM, so feel free to ask about how you can support Harringworth.

Philippa Gasson
Chairman, January 2020