The Harringworth Appeals Fund

What is the Appeals Fund?

The objective of the Appeals Fund Committee is to co-ordinate the raising of money, for allocation by the village at an AGM (or EGM), through activities and events. The committee must ensure that the funds raised are for the benefit of the village, with the expectation that the upkeep of the Church and Village Hall will receive the appropriate priority. The committee must also ensure the distributed moneys are accounted for in an accurate and self-explanatory manner.

How are Funds raised?

The Appeals Fund has been active for nearly 40 years and examples of events in recent years include a Bridge Lunch, Summer Fete, Flower Festival, Christmas Bazaar, 100 Club, and Talk with Cheese & Wine. They are organised by the hard working Appeals Committee, alongside many others who come forward to help. Funds are also supplemented by donations from other activities, such as the annual Safari Dinner and paid advertising in this directory.

How have Appeals Funds been raised over the last year?

As a resident of Harringworth & Shotley, you will be aware that over the last year we have held a number of events to raise money for the Appeals Fund. This has included the very successful Christmas Artisan Market in November, a Burn’s Night Supper with Band, a Pop Up Pub with a tasty Tagine on the menu and a Bridge Day. Funds have also been raised through the 100 Club, generous donations, the Safari Dinner and directory advertising. 

Why not join the Appeals Committee?

The future success of the Harringworth Appeals Fund in raising money and engaging with the community is down to everyone in Harringworth & Shotley. Over recent years many people have either taken a key role on the Appeals Committee or helped in a significant way at an event. Now we can start planning again we are eager to appoint a new Appeals Committee, and would encourage you to apply at the AGM.

Everyone is welcome, even those new to the village; our experience is that new villagers bring fresh ideas and skills.

An Invitation to Appeal – Distribution of Funds

The constitution of the Appeals Fund does not allow the Appeals Fund Committee to spend the funds it raises. This is why the AGM in the spring is so important; Harringworth must decide the way the money is allocated. If you have an idea for an Appeal, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Contact us

Please email the Appeals Fund Committee: harringworthvillage@ with any questions, ideas to enhance the community, to join the committee, or for more information on how to make an Appeal.

Philippa Gasson, Chairman