Harringworth Gardening Group

Our gardens are loving our devoted attention this year but, tragically, no one else can admire the wondrousness. To solve this, the Gardening for Goodness blog enables us to share our favourite garden moments. If you’d like to know whose gardens appear above, click here and check out one of the Lockdown Gardens posts.

In our WhatsApp Group we’ve been happily sharing plants and seedlings, so that everyone who wants to be over-run by courgettes or tomatoes or aubergines will be. Most of this is done on a swapping basis but we are also raising money for a charitable cause providing food and meals to local families who otherwise struggle.

Later, many of us will have surplus produce. Some will be shared; some will go to the above cause; and Grown in Harringworth freshly picked produce will be available to buy, with money going to the above cause (contact Nicola Morgan for details).

There are a number of healthy-looking aubergine plants for sale now @£1 or 2 for £1.50. Three varieties: Black Beauty, Moneymaker and a small, round, pale variety called Rosa Bianca. All need an unheated greenhouse but are easy to grow. And there are a few extremely verdant tomato plants in 3-litre pots @ £2.00. Contact Nicola M ASAP if interested.

Meanwhile, admire the wondrousness of some gardens near you!