Award-winning food writer and grower, Mark Diacono, reveals the tastes of herb/a cook’s companion’ hosted by Harringworth Gardening Group. Book your tickets now!

About this Event
Are you a cook who is all about taste? Or a gardener who loves to grow unusual flavours that you can’t easily find in shops? Maybe you don’t have time or space for full-on veg growing but you’d love to fill your patio with intriguing herbs and edible flowers to delight your guests this summer. You love the sound of a vivid Szechuan pepper plant, tumbling mashua, English mace, Scotch lovage, Welsh onion or the elusive cucumber scent of salad burnet?
If that has set your tastebuds tingling or your green fingers flexing, book your place at this online talk with award-winning cookery writer and grower, Mark Diacono, of the fabulous Otter Farm nursery in Devon, as he shows us around his brand new book, Herb, A Cook’s Companion. (You could be the lucky guest to win a signed copy!)
Mark will show us delicious, unusual, and often unbuyable but easy to grow herbs and how to get the best from them, such as shiso, lemon verbena, Makrut lime leaves and sweet cicely. A recipe or two, perhaps a cocktail, for inspiration.
Each ticket-holder will be entitled to a discount code for 25% off all items from Otter Farm Nursery for the month of May. And everyone will be entered in a random draw, with one lucky recipient receiving a signed copy of Herb.
Mark created Otter Farm “in order to encourage people to consider growing unusual and forgotten food along with the best of the familiar. Kiwis, sweet cicely, chocolate vines, Japanese wineberries and Vietnamese coriander, pecans, quince, almonds, Szechuan pepper and mulberries are among the many incredible flavours we can grow. The Otter Farm nursery offers the best unusual and familiar plants and seeds, in varieties that I think are most delicious.”
Mark is all about taste. He has written seven award-winning food books, including A Year at Otter Farm, which won the André Simon Food Book of the Year 2014, and A Taste of the Unexpected, which won the Guild of Food Writers’ Food Book of the Year 2011, and a number of books for River Cottage.
At Otter Farm Nursery, Mark and his team grow and sell an extraordinary array of taste-packed and often hard-to-find plants. The website is mouth-watering and we defy you to come away empty-handed!
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We are an informal local group of 35 keen gardeners in and around the village of Harringworth in rural NE Northamptonshire on the Rutland border. We began as a WhatsApp group to share spare seedlings, excess produce and divided perennials, as well as the successes and woes of gardening life. We welcome you warmly to this event.


The event is via a Zoom meeting, not webinar. The event button (which will be in your confirmation email and in subsequent reminder emails) will go live just before 7.00pm and we will allow a few minutes for everyone to arrive before we start the event just after 7.00pm. On certain devices (eg ipads), you might need to register with Zoom but this is free and should be straightforward. Use the same email address you booked your ticket with.
Everyone’s name will be entered into a random draw to receive a personally signed copy of HERB. We will make the draw on the night and contact the winner by email to arrange delivery.
IMPORTANT: make sure you log on using the same email address that you booked the ticket with.
You will receive your 25% discount code for Otter Farm products shortly before May 1st and it will be valid for the whole of May. Happy spending!